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China Copyright Registration

China Copyright Registration
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  • Types of:
    Copyright registration
    Copyright change
    Copyright transfer
  • Category:
    Computer software
    Writing works
    Musical work
    Movie works
  • Expedited:
    31 working days
    20 working days
    15 working days
    10 working days
(17570 available)
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Q: What materials need to be submitted to apply for computer software copyright?

    Answer: (1) Applicant's main qualification certificate [Company: Business license (with official seal); Individual: Identity card];

     (2) Application form for computer software copyright registration;

     (3) Source code (provide 30 consecutive pages before and after the source code and 50 lines per page (3,000 lines in total), if all source code is less than 3000 lines, all source code should be submitted)

     (4) Design instructions or operating instructions (usually more than 10 pages);

     (5) A copy of the business license of the agency.

    Q: What is the duration of software copyright protection?

    Answer: The software copyright for natural persons is protected for the life of the natural person and 50 years after his death; the software is developed in cooperation and ends on December 31, the 50th year after the death of the last natural person. The software copyright of a legal person or other organization shall be protected for 50 years after the software is first published, but if the software has not been published within 50 years from the date of completion of the software development, it shall no longer be protected.

    Q: Who can become a software copyright owner?

    Answer: Natural persons, legal persons, or other organizations that have independently developed software and natural persons, legal persons, or other organizations that have agreed, inherited, assigned, or accepted software copyright through contracts can become copyright owners. Drama, Quyi, dance, acrobatic art works; fine arts, architectural works; photographic works; film works and works created in a similar way to film making; engineering design drawings, product design drawings, maps, schematic drawings and other graphic works and model works; computers Software; other works required by laws and administrative regulations.

    Q: Can software copyright protect software ideas, algorithms, and technical solutions?

    Answer: The scope of software copyright protection is the expression of the program and its technical documents, that is, the expression of protected sentence sequences or instruction sequences and the written description of the software, without extending the ideas, processing procedures, operating methods or mathematics used to develop the software. Concepts, etc.
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