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German trademark registration application

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Required information: Apply for goods or services, Trademark pattern, Identity document or business registration certificate, Applicant's name and address Validity of certificate: 10 years Registration takes time: 6-9 months Agent Email: info@inipa.com

German trademark registration

Trademarks do not automatically acquire trademark ownership through mere use. Generally speaking, you can only ensure the rights of a trademark through a legal registration process.

Registering a trademark is not an easy task. Many jurisdictions do not disclose information to the public, and some jurisdictions do not provide reliable data online. Studying similarities with trademarks is a complex task.

With a legally registered trademark, you get the following advantages:

  1. Prevent potential imitators from invading your brand,
  2. Other brands claim that your possibility of infringing their trademarks is greatly reduced.

Our trademark lawyer in Germany will process your trademark request, check all formalities, and then apply to the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA). You will receive an application confirmation and a copy of the application. We will contact you immediately if Germany subsequently objects to your application.
After formal review by the DPMA, the trademark will be publicly opposed to allow third parties to challenge it if they believe the trademark infringes their brand. The opposition period in Germany is 3 months after publication.
If there are no objections and your trademark has been formally approved, you can expect to register within 6-9 months.

Note: The price includes all official and professional fees. In the case of objections or objections, the price does not include legal defense. The duration of the trademark registration process is only an estimate, and if any objections and / or objections occur during the trademark registration process, or other events occur, it may change significantly.

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