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Macao trademark registration application

Including filing fees,  publication and registration certificate.
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Macao trademark registration application
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Required information: Apply for goods or services, Trademark pattern, Power of attorney, Applicant's name and address Other: Power of Attorney (Notarized) Validity of certificate: 7 years Registration takes time: 6-9 months Agent Email: info@inipa.com

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Filing an application in one class
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Filing an opposition in one class
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Invalidation against the registered trademark
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Macau Trademark Registration Instructions

Trademarks do not automatically acquire trademark ownership through mere use. Generally speaking, you can only ensure the rights of a trademark through a legal registration process.

Registering a trademark is not an easy task. Many jurisdictions do not disclose information to the public, and some jurisdictions do not provide reliable data online. Studying similarities with trademarks is a complex task.

With a legally registered trademark, you can get the following advantage:

  1. Prevent potential imitators from invading your brand,
  2. Other brands claim that your possibility of infringing their trademarks is greatly reduced.

Our trademark attorney in Macau will process your trademark request, check all formalities, and submit documents to the Macau Economic Services Bureau Intellectual Property Office (Macao Economic Services Bureau Intellectual Property Office). You will receive an application confirmation and a copy of the application. If there is any objection to your application in Macau, we will contact you immediately.

After formal review by the Macao Economic Services Bureau's Intellectual Property Office, the trademark will be publicly contested to allow a third party to raise an objection if it believes the trademark infringement constitutes an objection to its trademark.
The opposition period in Macau is 2 months after publication.
If there are no objections and your trademark has been formally approved, you can expect to register within 6-8 months.

Note: The price includes all official and professional fees. In the case of objections or objections, the price does not include legal defense. The duration of the trademark registration process is only an estimate, and if any objections and / or objections occur during the trademark registration process, or other events occur, it may change significantly.

Can the trademark be used without registration?
Answer: The current laws of the Macao Special Administrative Region do not stipulate that a trademark must be registered before it can be used on related products or services.
Users of unregistered trademarks do not have the exclusive right to use or prohibit others from using it.

What protection can I get after trademark registration?
Answer: Regardless of whether a trademark is registered or not, any trademark holder can protect its trademark in accordance with the "Unfair Competition Litigation" in the Commercial Code. An "unfair competition suit" must prove that the trademark enjoys a reputation and that the trademark holder has suffered losses.
If a trademark is registered under the "Industrial Property Legal System", the trademark holder has the right to prohibit a third party from using his trademark or an approximate similarity mark for registration-related purposes without obtaining his own consent. Products or services, or similar products or services.
Therefore, the trademark exclusive rights granted by registration are easier to establish than the rights of the Commercial Code.

How long does a trademark registration usually take?
Answer: In the case of complete materials and no third party raising a statement of objection, the registration of a trademark usually takes about six months.

Is advertising a method of trademark use?
A: Yes, the purpose of advertising is to allow consumers to accept a certain product from the intrinsic quality and external image of the product, and to establish a link between the product and a specific trademark or manufacturer in the minds of consumers.

After the death of the trademark owner, who owns the exclusive right to the trademark?
Answer: After the death of the trademark owner, the exclusive right of the registered trademark is owned by its legal heir, and relevant procedures shall be completed.

When the trademark to be registered is colored, how should it be indicated in the trademark application?
Answer: Since the announcement published in the Bulletin of the Macao Special Administrative Region is black and white, when applying for registration of a colored trademark, the color and related description should be stated in the application form.

During the trademark search, it was found that there is a registered text mark that is the same as the text of the mixed mark to be registered. Can the mixed mark still be applied for trademark registration?
Answer: For trademarks combining words and graphics, both the overall comparison and the main parts of the trademark must be compared, because the trademark's text pronunciation, meaning, overall structure, number of words, arrangement, and whether the graphics or text in the trademark Significant parts and so on are all considered factors. Therefore, whether a trademark registration can be obtained depends on the specific situation, and the purpose is not to mislead or confuse consumers.

What words, marks, or logos does the trademark applicant not have exclusive rights to use?
Answer: If a trademark includes marks that can indicate the type, quality, use, value, place of origin, etc. of a product or service, or modern languages, or marks or signs commonly used in business practice, these marks or signs are not considered It is used exclusively by the applicant, that is, the applicant does not have "exclusive right to use" for it.
For example: if the applicant applies for registration of "XX Bank" and "XX Bakery", the applicant does not have the exclusive right to use the "Bank" and "Bakery".

Can trademarks be protected outside the Macao Special Administrative Region?
Answer: The trademark registration system of the Macao Special Administrative Region is territorial, and trademark laws only protect trademarks granted in Macao. If you want to be protected in another country or region, you must apply separately in those countries or regions.

Are Mainland registered trademarks effective in the Macao Special Administrative Region?
Answer: Because of the territoriality of the trademark registration system in the Macao Special Administrative Region, Macao's trademark laws only protect trademarks granted in this region. Therefore, trademarks registered outside the Macao SAR must be re-applied in accordance with the regulations of the Macao SAR in order to be protected in Macao.

How to classify products or services?
Answer: Applicants may refer to the "Nice Classification" established by the World Intellectual Property Organization to classify products or services using trademarks.
How to apply for a trademark intended to be used in many different categories of products or services?
Answer: According to the "Singleness of Registration Application and Trademark Registration" stipulated in Article 204 of the "Legal System of Industrial Property", one application can only fill in a single category of products or services. Services, multiple applications are required. For example, to register a trademark in a clothing and beauty salon, two applications are required.

When is it necessary to submit a power of attorney when applying for trademark registration?
Answer: If the applicant is not a person holding a Macao SAR Resident Identity Card or a legal person established under the laws of the Macao SAR (ie, a company, a society, etc.), the following person must be appointed as an agent and a valid power of attorney must be submitted:
Lawyers registered with the Macau Bar Association;
Holders of Macao SAR Resident Identity Card;
A legal person established under the laws of the Macao Special Administrative Region.
If the power of attorney (which must be properly authenticated and confirm the identity of the donor and exercise the authority to exercise the authority) is not made in the official language of the region, a properly certified translation of any of the official languages ​​(Chinese or Portuguese) of the Special Administrative Region must be submitted And translation certificate.

How much denomination stamp should be affixed to the power of attorney and its translation?
A: One version of the power of attorney grants a stamp of MOP 25, and each of the other editions needs a stamp of MOP 5. The first edition of the power of attorney (with a certificate of translation) must be affixed with a stamp of MOP15, and the remaining edition must be stamped with MOP5.

How to complete and submit a trademark registration application form?
Answer: The applicant must complete the "Trademark Registration Application Form" and submit it to the Intellectual Property Office together with the power of attorney, priority document, other license certification documents and its Chinese or Portuguese translations as required.

How to change the application information?
Answer: Trademark applicants must fill in the "Application for Other Acts", together with the required documents, submit the application as required and pay the corresponding fees.

How do I view a trademark announcement?
Answer: The notice on the protection of industrial property rights published in the Bulletin of the Macao Special Administrative Region can be consulted through the "Intellectual Property-Special Administrative Region Bulletin" on the printed website.

How to file a trademark objection?
Answer: Within two months from the date of the publication of the trademark application announcement in the "Gazette of the Macao Special Administrative Region", anyone can raise a written objection to the Intellectual Property Office regarding the application for registration of the trademark. The dissident must fill in the “Application for Other Acts”, together with two dissenting documents in the same form, and submit and pay the corresponding fees to the Intellectual Property Office.

How to handle the procedure of trademark transfer?
A: Registered trademarks can be accompanied by certification documents for transfer, fill in the “Other Behavior Application Form”, submit and pay the corresponding fees to the Intellectual Property Office, and trademarks still in the application stage need only fill in the “Other Behavior Application Form” and Attach transfer documents and pay related fees.

What are the procedures for changing the company name or address?
Answer: After the company's name or address is changed, it is necessary to fill in the "Other Behavior Application Form" and submit the application as required.

How to apply for trademark renewal?
Answer: The trademark registration is valid for seven years from the date of approval and can be renewed an unlimited number of times for the same period.
Applications for renewal of registered trademarks should be submitted within the last six months of the validity period. The trademark holder must submit and pay the renewal fee to the Intellectual Property Office by filling out the “Application for Other Acts”.
Six months after the expiry of the trademark, the renewal fee can still be paid together with additional costs. If the validity period exceeds six months, the trademark will be invalidated. If you want to protect it, you need to re-apply the relevant application.

What can I do if my trademark registration application is rejected?
Answer: The instructions for approval or rejection of registration are published in the "Macao Special Administrative Region Gazette". According to the provisions of Article 275 (a) of the "Legal System of Industrial Property", all decisions conferred can be made to the court of ordinary jurisdiction ( The court of first instance) filed an appeal, and in accordance with Article 277 of the same legal system, the appeal should be filed within one month from the date of its publication in the Gazette of the Macao Special Administrative Region.

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